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BIGGER, and Better. Mad Wrapz now offers MORE.

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

With 2020 coming to an end, Mad Wrapz is rapidly making it's way to the top. To kick off 2021, Mad Wrapz is bringing you more services, and coverage areas. This is all being made possible by our ever-growing team of industry leading professionals. A few of our key developments include:

  • More graphics, signage and display services offered

  • Larger project capacity

  • Light Construction capabilities

  • Birth of MW Auto

  • Addition of Business Solution services

Our goals of optimizing customer satisfaction were taken into serious consideration, regarding the key developmental transformations of our company. How can we create the absolute best, and seamless customer experience? Yes, we excel at making your brand stand out. But why stop there? From small to large businesses, we don't just make your brand look good, we help you in ALL aspects of your company's growth! From the day you register your new company, to having 500 employees on payroll;

we can help you get started, and assist you with all aspects of your daily business operations for as long as you see fit. Do NOT waste unnecessary time, money and stress to do this all on your own. We are here to help! Oh, and you just purchased a new Mercedes AMG after a year of killing it with your new business? Ask us how we can “Pimp Your New Ride” with all the new, premium services we offer at MW

Auto! Details of our key developments include:

More graphics, signage and display services offered: If Mad Wrapz didn’t do it all already… Now we do! Have confidence in calling or emailing us, with peace of mind that we offer the graphic service that you are looking for. In addition to vinyl graphics, we also cover all aspects of mounted signage, acrylic, retail/outdoor displays, and more! From concept to completion, we have ALL your visual needs


Larger project capacity: We grow your business; It's what we do! In order to do that, we also had to grow our team. With our extended network of contractors, installers, technicians, designers, and consultants, we now offer the ability to take on any project, regardless of the size. Feel confident that we will take whatever load off your hands, and let our team do all the work!

Light Construction capabilities: Why hire a different company for each individual aspect, when you can get all-in-one? Our team now provides the ability to overhaul your retail location, storefront, or stand-alone business office. Interior Remodeling, Millwork, Carpentry, Buildouts, Display Installations and more… Our vast network of expert contractors will give you new look your company needs!

Birth of MW Auto: We would like you to welcome our newly designated, all-automotive branch of the Mad Wrapz Family; MW AUTO! MW Auto will now be directly handling all of our custom automotive customers. In addition to giving your ride a dazzling and head-turning vinyl wrap, MW Auto also offers the following premium automotive services:

  • Window Tinting

  • High-End Detailing

  • Paint-Protection Film (PPF)

  • Ceramic Coatings

  • Body Kit Installation

  • Suspension Upgrades

  • Exhaust Upgrades

  • Intake Upgrades

  • General Bolt-Ons

  • Interior & Exterior Lighting/Ambient Upgrades

  • And MORE!

Addition of Business Solution Services: Mad Wrapz has partnered with the world’s leading business growth/operational experts. Do NOT let your business run you… Run your business! With Odoo technology by Mastermind, you can fully integrate all your business operations, all in one platform. From accounting and payroll, to Point-of-Purchase, and even marketing and scouting with streamlined reporting… Take the hassle out of running your business and see what the most current technology has

to offer. Do you want to increase sales, develop web presence, and rank higher on Google? You have come to the right place. Our partners at Ruskin Consulting are the world’s top-ranking SEO Wizards and Web Developers. Give us a call, or write us an email today, to find out more about how we can propel your business to the next level!

CALL: (800)-269-5230

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